Classroom Rules

Social Studies class is a learning environment. In our class you are encouraged to learn and ask questions. There will be absolutely no tolerance for disruption of learning. We have fun while we stay focused. My promise to you is that all expectations and values that I require from you, I also require from myself.


Our Core Values and Expectations

* While in social studies we will have a yearly focus on these three core values.

  • Respect- Respect yourself, other classmates, and the teacher.
  • Integrity- Be honest and forth coming; everyone makes mistakes so don’t be embarrassed if one happens from time to time. Own it!
  • Value- Have value in yourself and the assignments you work on. They are a representation of yourself, your teacher, your parents, and the school. Be proud!

Three Strike Policy

  1. First warning (visual and verbal)
  2. Second warning (student teacher conference at conclusion of class)
  3. Third warning (phone call home and or detention)