Sept 25- Oct 5. New Unit on Slavery in America

Hello Parents,

These next two weeks I will be covering slavery in America during the Antebellum period of the South. We are going to talk about why the South needed slaves, debate whether they actually needed them? and learn about the Southern culture and economy. We will also be discussing how the industrial revolution had started in England and was changing the world- including our North here in the United States. 

With a new North, and a South stuck in their ways, we will begin to build up towards the Civil War.

Note: In this unit we will be learning about slaves and their conditions. I don't lie to my students. I believe letting them know the truth is important and vital to understanding history. If topics get too graphic or adult I will be encouraging students to go home and discuss these happenings with their families. I will be keeping the lessons appropriate, but questions do come up and so I send them to you guys.

I look forward to meeting you all at meet the teacher Night on Tuesday September 26. 


Mr. Voelger

Week of September 18-20

Hello Parents!

We have had a wonderful start to the school year. I pride myself on the fact that every single student is focused and participating in social studies class, and thus far I can say they have. It's been great. 

We have off Thursday and Friday this week but our Google Classroom assignment is still due on Friday. Students can complete this assignment using a computer and the internet.

We have a Unit test on Tuesday Sept 19, 2017. We are going to contiune to discuss some government workings and than move onto slavery and the causes of the Civil War. 

Till next time,

Mr. Voelger

Welcome Back! First Week of School 2017-2018 school year.

Welcome Parents!

Hello, my name is Mr. Voelger and I will be your child’s eighth grade social studies teacher this year at Center Moriches. I am very excited to get started on the first unit of social studies and help educate your child about United States history.

I will be starting at the beginning of the United States. We will take our time reviewing and relearning about the creation of the United States Government, Our first few Presidents, and the causes and build up to the Civil War.

As you can plainly see, we rely heavily on the internet and will be using this website almost daily throughout the course. Most of my lessons, notes, homework, and assignments will be posted on the website. I encourage all to familiarize yourself with my website. It is a resource that cannot be understated.

I plan on getting started in class right away, and so you can expect that we will be learning a lesson on the first day of school. I also post a schedule of all upcoming quizzes and tests- That can be found on the calendar tab on the Homepage of the website.

Again, I am so very excited to be your child’s teacher this and I think we will have a fantastic year.  


Mr. Voelger